I am currently offering Evaluation and Design Services to Improve Your Digital Dance Experience. For more information on any of my available services, or to schedule a consultation, send me an email at

Blog Writing

If you need dance content for your blog, I’m your girl. I can work with you to develop entertaining and informative posts that are optimized for online search engines. Your students want to find you so that they can learn, and this is one form of digital marketing that can help you show up where they look.

Survey and Questionnaire Design

Would you like to get some real information on what is valuable for your students, but not sure how to ask? I can help you to design a full survey to help you get the answers you need for your project, website, or business. I can also help you to analyze and interpret your survey results from an unbiased perspective.

Evaluate Your Online Dance Classes

I will apply concepts from the field of anthropology as well as user experience research and design to evaluate your current online dance classes. I will provide you with a report that identifies key areas of concern for usability, aesthetics, and engagement for your students as well as recommendations on what you can do to improve these areas.

Photograph and Document Digitization for Content Creation

I can help you to scan your physical photographs and documents into a digital archive that can be used to create content for your website or social media accounts. Local clients in Southern California are preferred, but I can work with you to safely ship your archives.