Welcome! This page shares resources that I have created for my own dance journey, and want to share so you can use them too!

Free Digital Downloads

This is a small set of printable dance logs and journal pages that I created to have a simple, and functional place to log my dance journey.

(Disclaimer: I like to keep colors at a minimum to help extent my ink supply).

Dance Lesson Tracker

photo showing the printable dance log
Dance Class Tracker

This tracker is a one-page sheet you can use to keep a log of your lesson information.

Dance Practice Reflection Log

View of dance lesson reflection logs
Dance Lesson Reflection Logs

A printable page for after dance lessons or practice sessions. There are two versions of this page. There is a blank version and one with ready-to-answer reflection prompts.

Dance Journal Pages

Dance Journal Page

This page features a space at the top to write in a prompt and the date. Head over to the Journal Prompts category to find some ideas on what you can write.

Dance Video Log

Dance Video Log

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