Dancing Like an Idiot with Gratitude

Every now and then, I get a message on social media, thanking me for sharing my energy, and for making dance looks fun. I’ve gotten it from students, and dance teachers alike, and it always feels good to hear it. One day, a friend sent me this video, and I dig the sentiment shared in it. I love my dance training and structured lessons, but also think dancing without rules or constraints is good for us.

The Importance of Dancing Like an Idiot


I feel grateful when another dancer notices what I’m trying to do here on this blog. I had been following a lot of dancers on social media, and so many people are caught in a practice of self-criticizing, while missing out on where they already shine.

I love to challenge myself for personal growth, but I also recognize that the true draw for myself and many other dancers is not to live a life that is so heavily focused on championships and competition; it’s in enjoying ourselves and having something to do. Good vibes are fleeting for me, so when they are present, I make a point to share it outside of myself.

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When the good vibes are here, I make a point to share them

Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick post to put out into the universe grateful I am that there are other dancers out there who noticed the importance of sharing the fun side of dancing, along with the practice and performance.

Have fun with it.

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