Thinking of Dance as a Breakfast Buffet

I truly believe that every human has a dance. Whether you are willing to share it with the rest of the world or not, it’s in there. Dance is in our evolutionary tool box for a reason. It may not always serve the same function, but in dance, we’ve got therapy, celebration, communal joy, and so much more.

This multi-tool can get confusing. My current dance experiences are more random and inconsistent than when I was younger. A big part of that is that I have been exposed to more styles of dancing as the years go on, so there are more choices available when the mood to dance strikes.


You may be like me, and seek multiple to fit them into the right time and place for your own life. Or you may be satisfied with just one. I’m not here to tell you which to choose, just to remind you that there are more options.

If I were writing this piece at a different time in my life, I may be reflecting on different choices. There have been times where I have been intensively training in ballet for performance, or in Ballroom for teaching. Right now, I am approaching my dance for fun and healing from some life pains, so purposely unfocused practice compared to before. Once I start ramping up to teach again, this will change.

There are many reasons why I am drawn to dance, and even so many different reasons why I am drawn to each individual Style. To me, this is one of the the greatest beauties of dance. we can find something that fits with ourselves, and still watch and enjoy others doing the same. You may be drawn to the strength and beauty of ballet, the elegance of a waltz, or a chaotic shuffle dance.

It benefits me to have dance styles to focus on technique, and health in my body. Other styles, I want to experience with more fun energy. I may not focus so much on technique or how I look, and I think that is the most amazing part about dance. Having a broad repertoire means I can dance to more music.

But how to choose?

There are some styles of dance I have already tried, and fallen in love with. There are other styles that look delicious and enticing, but I haven’t had room for them since I have been filling up on the others.


How many times have you gone to a breakfast buffet and surveyed everything available, fill up your plate. Started eating, and then notice a chef bring out something even more delicious that wasn’t even available before. So it is with dance, and this one reason why I dig social media.

I enjoy seeing works-in-progress on Dances I’m interested in, I like seeing people learning how to do it. I also think it’s important for people who are looking to get into dance to be able to see a range of others. That is a big part of why I share my dance play and practice, and encourage others to do the same.

The buffet is open. Let’s feast.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Dance as a Breakfast Buffet

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