Digital Dance Skills in Progress | Video Editing

Those of you who know me personally may know that have been practicing to learn more video editing skills. To do this, I am using an outdated version of Camtasia by TechSmith that I purchased during college. For the most part, I had only used it for tutorials and discussion videos for school. In terms of editing experience, this was basic. Now that my degrees are finished, I have the time to learn much more.

Capturing dance footage is actually a very new practice for me. When I danced before, the recording capabilities and storage on cell phones was much less than it is today. Now, we have social media apps with creation features that will allow multiple takes to be stitched and edited seconds after capture. The potential applications for newer technologies and dance excites me (insert dance robot with adjustable haptic feedback).

One of My Edited Practice Videos

I am grateful to have that opportunity to experiment with dance and technology now, even as an adult. I do often find myself feeling a bit down that there isn’t an extensive archive of my old dance experience, and that is a big reason why this blog is here now. As a form of hybrid self and social media.

Since all of my dance footage videos right now is at home practice, I have been setting up my camera in a few different spots during a practice so I can have various angles to choose from. It only takes a few seconds to move my phone over on the tripod, so it actually has not impacted my practice too much to be filming it most of the time . Then I upload them and import into Camtasia to edit.

I still have a lot to learn, but I am finding that editing is one of those practices I enjoy doing. I will be posting up my editing experiments onto my YouTube channel, so feel free to pop over and subscribe if that is something you would like to watch regularly.

Thank you for being here.

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