Welcome to Whatever You Wish

The start of this week I found myself discouraged while looking at job postings for dance studios. I have not feeling the spark to go back and learn on the job like I have usually done, especially when I never felt that I fit in before. With an over-saturated movement toward online dance, most possibilities seem ended or pointless nowadays.

I reread an essay by Issac Asimov, and reminded myself that perhaps one day, nobody will be working. In an automated world, you can choose to do “whatever you wish”. So for this last week, and more to come, I am taking a step back from trying to be a part of any world. With no responsibility to keep the world moving this week, I opted for a break from my planned YouTube schedule, and just allowed myself some play.

Practicing my skate dance skills and playing with Pivo Tripod

Thursday I did get to have a partner lesson, and even though I still have my syllabus steps to work, we did some west coast swing. Because again, no point in striving for goals, just trying to enjoy the life that is left.

I get a kick out of thinking that the two dances I avoided most when I first started out are becoming more enjoyable as I learn to not resist while in follower-mode. Argentine Tango and West Coast Swing feel a little more fun now.

Anyway, as each day perpetuates, I find myself more grateful to have the courage to do things my own way. Even if it kills me.

Thank you for being here,


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