FREE DANCE DAY! Some Swinging Things

Hello, and happy dance day!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to swing dance, there is no better time than now! Our FREE YouTube lessons this week will get you energized and swinging into the weekend.

Single-Time Swing Basic

In this first video lesson, we break-down a single-time swing basic step with a partner. You will learn both leader and follower options for this east coast style swing dance! If you are brand new to swing dancing, this is a good one to start with!

West Coast Basics

If west coast style is your jam, check out these 3 West Coast Swing Basic Steps from West Coast Swing Online. In this video,you will learn The Sugar Push (or push break), The Side Pass (Left Side Pass and Right Side Pass), and the 8 count Basic Whip.

No Partner? No Problem

There are plenty of steps you can do to swing jazz music, no partner needed! This video demonstrates the steps for the shim sham, which was originally done as a tap dance. In the 1980s, Frankie Manning made a version of the shim sham for swing dancers that is now done worldwide as a social line dance. You can follow along with Frankie’s version with me in this video.

All of these lessons are available for FREE on YouTube. If there is a channel you love, remember you can subscribe to show your support and to start building your own archive of lessons.

Dance YouTubers Support Network

Would you like to join our network of Dance YouTubers? We have a Facebook group!

If these posts are helpful to you, consider supporting me so that I can continue to create and take classes from other amazing dancers. Thank you!

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