Every Room is a Dance Room

In case you missed it, this week on YouTube, I uploaded a brief introduction to search engine optimization, and I also had some older files from this side-hustle blog that I edited together. I have found YouTube to be a fun challenge. I am still working through channeling my personality on camera despite my social anxieties, and experimenting with editing.

I have been connecting with so many new dance friends on YouTube, and will be sharing some curated links each week here on the blog for anyone who is looking for dance lessons on YouTube.

This week was an extra dancy one for me compared to most of my recent ones. We got to do a couple of partner training sessions this week. Thursday had us into a bit of swing, which I requested out of pure nostalgia. I’ve recently been thinking about the films I watched in my classes back in high-school that got me looking at ballroom, and one was Swing Kids. I’m highly due for a re-watch if anyone would like to join me (virtually).

That swing lesson was fun but also learning about all of my resistance to being led. I’ve got many habits to unlearn along with each new step. I expected this as part of my journey though, since I have been dancing mostly by myself, even before the pandemic lifestyle. It feels good to get real haptic feedback from a partner.

Sunday was a smoothie day, and I learned a sweet solo practice routine. I also realized, as we waltzed around the living room (bonus points for not stepping in the catfood), that I’ve danced in every single room in the house at some point since moving here.







Living room during EVERY EPISODE of the Umbrella Academy?

Hell yes.

I also sewed up a pair of new pointe shoes to work with. I haven’t been up in a while, and my pads are on delay, so I am just working through basic strengthening exercises aside from my regular home ballet practice.

Life is still liminal for the most part. My dance training is running off of savings and I am still betwixt as a recent graduate in a nearly non-existent job market. I look forward to it though, so will go for as long as I can sustain.

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