Check out this FREE 4-day Digital Dance Experience!

Forward Movement is a free 4-day online digital dance experience held July 27 – July 30, 2020. This event is as an accesible online dance convention for kids ages 4-19 and their direct communities. (I’m going for the seminars.)

Registration is free for all dancers ages 4-19 as well as parents, studio owners, and arts/dance educators who sign up at

Liberate Artists Inc., a benefit corporation, is removing economic barriers and calling for inclusion in the arts through Forward Movement, an interactive digital dance experience, and its’ partnership with the 501c3 (pending) Always, Enough Foundation. Liberate Artists is an inclusive dance education movement that teaches self-compassion to kids, so they can practice compassion with each other. The rallying cry is “You Are Enough,” and dancers of all races, all genders, all religions, all body types, and all ability levels, are embraced and supported at Liberate Artists.

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