Partner Dancing | Now With More Partner!

Some of you who follow me on Instagram are keen that I decided to leave the studio I had been training at previously, since I was not feeling their vibe. Truthfully, even without the pandemic, dance studio spaces are not my first choice for learning to dance, so seeking an alternative does jive with me.

My current home dance space allows me the alternative to train at home, so I started talking with my friend who I met while they taught at the ballroom dance teaching boot-camp I went though last year, and decided to begin private coaching sessions. I have plenty of personal dance goals, but also want to apply those to teaching, so I am looking forward to working with him on all of it.

Dancing with Nicholas Barkley @BallroomViking

This last week, we had our first session and it felt good to do partner dancing with an actual partner again. We started working on American Rumba and Argentine Tango. My dance room is good for many things, but not sized well for travelling steps so we also tried out some smooth waltz in the backyard (with much success). After that first session, I feel grateful have more to work on and to look forward to. Along with my new goals, it is fun to see how much I remember from before, and also how much I will need relearn.

Playing around with rhythm style

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