DANCE JOURNAL PROMPT | (Don’t) Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Dancers

A lot of dancers will tell you not to compare yourself to others. The issue with that is,we need to set goals and it’s not really possible to do this without some comparison to what is possible.


There is nothing wrong with noticing something about another dancer that you want to achieve for yourself! It is not necessarily a positive or a negative thing to notice skills and potential. The negative effects of comparison can happen when you assume that the other dancer has something you won’t have, but you can also find a positive way to compare.

When you find yourself noticing something about another dancer, you can use that awareness to move from a mindset of negative comparison to positive assessment. What is it that this dancer has done that got them to where you want to be? What would it take for your to get there considering your own strengths?

Some things come easier and other don’t. We all have strengths as dancers, and we also have things to work on. I think that is the beauty of it. We can perpetually reach goals and set new goals.

Journal Prompt

Think about the last time you found yourself comparing to another dancer. Whether it was in a class, or on social media, even a celebrity. What was it about that dancer that you want for yourself? Regardless of how easy or hard it was for someone else to reach that goal; consider what sort of work would it take for yourself to get there too.

If you need a place to keep your dance thoughts, I’ve made my logs and journal pages available for you on my Resources Page.

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