A Letter to Dancers from Adie San Diego

Dancer Adie San Diego shared this message for dancers on their Instagram profile:

“It is just as important to know about black dance pioneers like Master Juba, Josephine Baker, and Pearl Primus as much as we are taught to know famed white artists like Agnes de Mille, Bob Fosse, and Jerome Robbins.

It was only in the later years of my four year collegiate level dance program that my eyes were opened to the truth of the impact that black people and black dance made in dance education…MY dance education. And we were only able to scratch the surface on this vital information. So I admit, MY KNOWLEDGE IS LIMITED, but I am EAGER to learn more, as I’m sure you are too.”

The dancer also shared a link to Camille Brown’s Tedx video for their followers to watch, and tagged teachers who might help spread support:

“To ease you into your journey, check out the link in my bio for a video from TEDx on the history of African-American Social Dance taught by prolific Black female choreographer, Camille A. Brown (@camilleabrown). You may find the content to be relatable to you and may intrigue your curiosities just like it did mine!”

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