Side-Hustle Ideas for Out of Work Dancers

Hello dancers! If you are temporarily not working or working less, I feel you, and so I want to share a few ideas that I have used to make some extra money from home. I have done all these before, and while they are not meant to be a full-time dance income replacement, they may help to supplement you whatever your current situation may be like.

Resell Your Dance Clothing on Poshmark

If you have got any dance practice wear or costumes you won’t wear again, consider listing it on a resell app like Poshmark. I have used Poshmark for both buying and selling and have even found dance shoes for a great price. Poshmark was intended to be used to sell luxury and designer items too, so they have an authentication process available if you would like to list higher priced items such as ballroom competition gowns. For a limited time, you can join Poshmark using my code ARCHAEO_CHIC for a $10 credit.

Share Your Fitness Data

If you are already using a fitness tracking app, you can use the Achievement app to sync and share your health and fitness data in exchange for points. These points add up to a cash reward (the time it takes depends on other factors, such as additional health surveys and friend referrals). I have been using this app for many years and have reached the payout reward a few times already. This one is not an instant payout, but since it does actually pay for something you are likely already doing, why not get paid a little?

Participate in User Testing

User testing is a process where you provide feedback for prototype website features. This typically involves sharing screen-recording of you using the site, while talking about what you are doing and seeing. The tests usually pay from $10-20 or more, depending on the test. There are many different platforms you can sign up for, and they all have different opportunities depending on your demographics. I have used TryMyUI the most often. If you are willing and able to pass a qualification test, user testing is a great work from home option.

What I love most about these options for side-hustles is that they are intended to be just that. There will come a time where dancing is done in-person again, but you may find that you continue to use them for small trickles of money even when your regular income streams return.

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