DANCE JOURNAL PROMPT | A Dream Space for Dancing

Welcome back to our weekly reflection prompt post. One of my favorite topics is at home dance spaces, which have become much more popular in recent times because of social distancing requirements.

I wrote a post layout out some essentials for home dance spaces, but I am willing to bet you can think of a few more ideas beyond these basics.


Journal Prompt

If you could design your dream home dance space, what would you choose for it?


Take this dream one step further and plan out your space! Draw a sketch map of your dream dance room and include as many details as you can think of.

Remember to set aside some time this week for reflection in your own way, and feel free to share your thoughts here with me. Thank you for joining in with my reflection this week, I will see you back here again soon!

If you need a place to keep your dance thoughts, I’ve made my logs and journal pages available for you on my Resources Page.

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