An Introduction to User Experience and Dance Design

Online dance classes are worth much more than just a temporary business fix. Now that I have taken an even greater personal sample of online dance classes, I can tell you that there are many studios and teachers who will unfortunately not make it in this online business. I have mentioned in previous posts that dance studios and teachers who transition online are now basically managing multiple studio spaces, and each space requires a different assessment of needs. It simply will not be enough to take the same methods from in-person teaching and attempt to force them into an online platform. As many instructors and students are realizing, the same result may require a whole new approach to teaching and learning dance.

Teachers and studios may have the dance experience, but that experience is worth much less if you cannot communicate it to your students in an enjoyable way online. Likewise, students are interacting in new ways due to the diversity of functionality in each dancers’ home space. Therefore, embracing digital literacy and building an understanding of user-centered design and experiences is important for dancers who wish to continue working in a digital space.

User Experience and Dance Design

User experience refers to the total experience a person has with a system or product. This goes beyond just taking the class and includes things like choosing which class to take, and how much people would pay. It also relates to usability. For example, when a user has a problem with the system, how is it fixed?

Measure Success Beyond the Numbers

If you measure the quality of your class or program by how many students showed up to a class or event, you only get part of the picture. Numbers can only tell you so much, and the information you miss might be the difference between retaining students and a dwindling business. Embracing user-centric perspectives in your dance business can bring benefits beyond your online platform when it comes to student motivation and retention and loyalty.

Learning to Build Better Dance Experiences

With the massive influx of online dance classes, it is now more important than ever to provide good experiences for students. However, building new technology into your business can be expensive in terms of time and energy, especially if your students have other needs that you did not plan for and they fulfill them elsewhere.

In future posts, I will share more about how you can start to apply user-centric practices into your dance training curriculum. I will show you how to research user needs and evaluate your current classes and programs to become even better experiences.

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