WHAT SHOULD I POST? 5 Content Ideas for Dancers

We may not be dancing in studios or on stages right now, but we can still find ways to keep creating our dance arts digitally. If you are feeling blocked on inspiration, try one of these 5 dance content ideas to inspire your next digital dance post!

Watch this video on YouTube!

Learn a Dance Combination

One idea for digital dance content is to search for a song or choreographer you are a fan of and see if there is a dance combination available to learn. You can learn the steps, and then record yourself performing the combination (remember to tag the choreographer for credit).

Teach a Dance Tutorial

If you are a dance teacher or choreographer, consider teaching a tutorial class or combination. You can choose to prerecord your lesson, or even try live-streaming to your students.

Share Your Lifestyle

There are many people who may be interested in seeing an inside-view into anything that relates to your life as a dancer, so you do not need to be dancing to create dance content. For example, you could share your personal workout practice, your diet, or a glimpse into your other hobbies.

Provide Unique Information

Perhaps you are a dancer with insights from another field. You can design and create Infographics, tools, resources with your specialized knowledge. What do you know that may help other dancers? Nutrition, Digital Marketing, Product designers?

Just Wing It!

Finally, you can just dance! Turn on some music you love and set your camera to record whatever happens. Dance improvisation is a great tool for exploring new moves to new music, and it is often part of how choreography is produced.

I hope this post has inspired you to see your dance life in a new perspective. I invite you all to keep sharing whatever is is that makes you want to dance!

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