DANCE JOURNAL PROMPT | We Are Humans Who Dance

Hello Dancers!

Join us as we continue exploring our dance-selves with a new prompt for reflection on your dance journey. Mindfulness and journal practice can help us to work through the way we think and talk to ourselves about our own dancing. This week I want to start with exploring an awareness of our own dance identity. As humans, we love to meme our experiences to share in camaraderie, but this can often result in dissolving our own self.

What I mean by this, is that by trying defining ourselves as one word or phrase, such as “Ballet Dancer” or “Backup Dancer,” or even “Dance Mom”, we can lose sight of the other experiences in our lives that influence us as humans who dance. For example, a study on retired professional ballet dancers found that latching onto an exclusive identity of dancer may have some adverse effects when adjusting to other parts of life.


Journal Prompt

Introduce yourself as you would to a new friend, but you can’t say anything about dance. What other ways do you find you describe yourself?

I invite you to reflect on this topic in your own personal way, whether it be in a journal, blog, or in your own head.

If you need a place to keep your dance thoughts, I’ve made my logs and journal pages available for you on my Resources Page.

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