Keeping a Consistent Dance Journal: Questions To Ask After Each Practice Session

Becoming a better dancer is about much more than just the physical practice. Self-reflection is a great tool you can use to learn about where you are at in your own personal dance journey, and start planning what you would like to be better with.

Bringing regular reflexivity into my dance practice, especially at home, is something I find to be essential for a healthy mind and body relationship. I do find it difficult to be consistent with my dance reflections, so I recently made this list of questions that I can focus on specifically for after dance practice sessions.


If you have a hard time with consistency like me, consider joining me in asking yourself these questions after dance practice (you can do this in your journal, on a blog, or even just in your own head as a meditation practice. I have also created a printable page you can download):

  1. What is going well for me in my practice?
  2. What could I improve on next time?
  3. What was my favorite part of today’s practice?

There are, of course, much deeper reflection questions and topics to explore as a part of our total dance practice. Look for more reflection prompts and activities here on Welcome To The Dance!

If you need a place to keep your dance thoughts, I’ve made my logs and journal pages available for you on my Resources Page.

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