Testing The Pivo Pod Cameraman for Dance Videos

As a long-time house dancer, I had been desiring a way to film myself that would be more useful than my still phone on a tripod. I have seen some awesome dance videos on social medias, and also many that leave me wanting to see more. It is a huge advantage to be able to employ a moving cameraman perspective. When the lens can follow the dancer, that makes for great dance film. Realistically, however, all we have during practice is ourselves (and maybe a cat).

Enter the Pivo Pod. It’s a small tripod adapter that syncs with a software application in your smartphone. This software has a few different content creating features built in, but I am most interested in the action tracking capabilities. I love trying new technology, but let’s face it: a lot of tech looks better than it is. I first saw an ad for Pivo while scrolling through Instagram. My initial thought was: yeah, right (complete with an eye-roll). It looked like exactly what I wanted, but I have tried my share of gadgets that did not work out as promised.


And so, this ad followed me for about a week before I decided to check out some reviews and comments. There was actually a lot of positive feedback from current users, but I also noticed how vocal the Pivo company is on social media with their users. I’ve seen some useful feedback from other users who are trying Pivo for virtual real estate walk-throughs and horseback riding. This is a community of people who want this product to work, and I am excited to be joining in.

Once the Pivo Pod arrived, I was immediately impressed with the hardware. The app software is user friendly, and I am having a blast learning more about what I can do with the different features.

Unboxing Pivo Pod

Check out my UNBOXING video of the Pivo Pod!


First Impressions

In this video, I share my first impressions of the Pivo Pod Cameraman

Stay Tuned for More Test Footage!

I’ve started a playlist of my Pivo Pod testing videos on my YouTube channel, so I can share my experiences with this cool little thing.

If you’d like your own Pivo Pod Cameraman, you can find it here! https://getpivo.com?ref:danceswithnikki (Please note that this is an affiliate link, so if you purchase I do receive a commission).

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One thought on “Testing The Pivo Pod Cameraman for Dance Videos

  1. Reblogged this on ArchaeoChic and commented:

    Check out this awesome tripod I have been using lately! It can also be used for product 360 videos. I would have LOVED to try this thing out back when I was doing archaeology photography.


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