The New Value of Online Dance Classes

Online dance classes are not a new commodity for the dance world. I myself have used many digital dance resources as a supplement to my training over the years. However, with more and more dancers are losing their physical spaces, the industry is growing rapidly. This is a good thing for students because there is a lot of value in online learning. Digital dance classes provide many shared benefits for dance students and teachers, especially with accessibility, costs, and communities. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits of digital dance classes.

Accessibility at Your Scheduled Convenience

One of the biggest barriers for myself taking dance classes has always been schedule and location. Oftentimes, the classes I wanted to take were happening while I had other events or were just too far away to make the travel cost worth it.

With online dance classes, dancers can choose a schedule that works for them. Even live classes may have the option of being archived to watch later, which has the added benefit of a built-in review system. Distance is also no longer an issue when it comes to taking classes, although I recommend double-checking the time-zone of a class before you miss it!

Cutting the Cost

Learning to dance at home by taking dance lessons online is cheaper than going to a dance academy. Some classes are open and free to any students, which is an obvious up-front value, especially for beginning dancers of any style. Even when you pay tuition or take a class with a fee, you will save on travel costs. For those of you who choose to practice without your shoes or fancy dancewear while at home, you will extend the lifetime value of your investments (of course, if you are like me and wear all the shoes and dancewear, this will be the opposite of saving money).


New Dance Communities

For me, the value of going to a studio was in the social experience. Dancing online doesn’t always allow for a physical social meetup, but there are still ways to find community. For example, online forums provide a platform to facilitate all sorts of discussion. Dance students and teachers can also participate in livestreams and teach and discuss topics in real time. It may not be exactly the same as a face-to-face discussion, but making a point to be open and available to students can provide a much needed sense of stability while their classes are in transition.

This post focused on positive benefits of online dance classes. Online dance classes aren’t the same as in-person experiences, and are far from problem-free, but the potential value of online dance classes will grow as we learn to work into our digital transitions. And when we are all able to take lessons away from home again, we can still benefit from using online resources to supplement our practice.

5 thoughts on “The New Value of Online Dance Classes

  1. I am not a dancer, but I do take barre classes. I find it so much harder not having that barre as a support, but I’ve noticed that my balance has greatly improved without that sturdy support to rely on. Way to look at the bright side in this article! 😊

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