How to Dance Through Your Unmotivated Days

Yesterday I woke up and just couldn’t get motivated. I have been working on so any things to keep my mind occupied lately, and they all started to process mentally and I couldn’t pull my focus onto one task. I also had a couple of classes on my docket, and as the time for those livestreams approached I realized it just wasn’t in me.

I decided that a more realistic plan for the day would be to push my blogging plans and skip the classes, and take a mental processing day. What that looks like is just letting my mind go with thoughts, with no expectation of being productive. It also looks like a long walk to get coffee.

On that walk, I found myself thinking about all of the different ways we dance with ourselves. I’ve been in mental states like this one before, and let myself get frustrated and feel guilty for not being motivated. And seeing all of the potential dance experiences on social media is not helpful when I find myself in that mode. But dance is a human experience that exists beyond the sharing media, and stepping away allows more space to reflect on what your own dance means to you.


In allowing myself to create space to process, I found my motivation. When I got back home I put together a blog post, and then spent some time with my foam roller. The other writing I had planned to do is still unfinished, and I didn’t take any formal (online) dance classes, but I am as stronger dancer now.

Remember, dance is a mental sport, not just physical. I know so many people who say they can’t dance anymore, and they miss it. I believe all humans can dance, but we lose the motivation that is the key to keep it going. The motivation to dance isn’t the sort of energy that just shows up, we need to create space for it.

With smiles, Nikki.

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One thought on “How to Dance Through Your Unmotivated Days

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I like how you stated it’s ok to give ourselves the time and space to just be and reflect. This is very important in these times. Thank you

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