How Do I Keep Track of All of My Online Dance Classes?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with options for online classes? This post is for you. With physical locations on hold, the dance world has been transitioning to online classes. I personally enjoy this, because I was already a huge nerd for digital dance culture and was already using digital resources to supplement my in-person learning. Now, there are opportunities popping up hourly to take classes with our communities remotely, as well as with celebrity dancers.


Don’t Let The Fear of Missing Out Distract You

With so many live-streams and video courses to choose from, it can start to feel like you are missing out on everything. I do want to all remind you that all these teachers and studios already existed, they just weren’t as accessible online as they are now.At some point in the future, not every studio will need to continue with online business, but for now, I want to take the opportunity to learn as much about transitioning to digital dance as possible. That means taking as many classes in as many forms as possible, and this takes some planning. I’d like to share my process for tracking my online dance classes that has helped me to feel more in control of this transition.

How I Keep Track of My Personal Online Dance Training

My process is simple. When I see a live online dance class I am interested in, I mark it into my calendar. There are also non-live videos and courses that you can choose to include in your schedule as well. Online classes pop up quickly, so you may find yourself with more than one in the same slot in your schedule. This is where it gets fun. If a class is live only, that is my priority.  Most classes however, even live-streams are saved for at least 24 hours. This means I get to play time-turner and can make time to participate on my own later.

On that note, I do want to remind you that there is only so much time and energy we each have, so the number of classes you can take may be even less than before. We all have our own journey to curate, so don’t feel like you must do it all. Remember to schedule your self-care and conditioning just as you would in your regular training.


Once I have taken the class, I put the details into my Dance Class Tracker. I like to have some data reference on my experiences, and this way, even if I don’t make it to my journal with detailed notes, I can see which classes I end up doing at which times. I made myself a simple form that I can print and fill out by hand, but you could easily make your own in your dance journal or other notebook.

That’s it! By following this process, I now have a list of potential classes to choose from that are specific to my interests, and a log of the actual training I have done. There is still so much out there that I could participate in, but by writing things down and keeping track, I am able to start learning more about the value of digital dance training.  

If you need a place to keep track your dance classes, I’ve made my personal logs available for you on my Resources Page.

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