How to Start a Dance Blog

Digital dance is having a big moment, and I am way excited to see the influx of sharing dance online. Many dancers, professional or not, have an experience or class that could be digitized to share, and now is the time to do it! Plus, when you share your personal perspectives online, you are contributing to a collective archive of dance knowledge and memory. If you scroll through an online dance feed, and think, “I could do that too!” you are so right! The word blog is short for “weblog,” so you are likely already keeping a blog in some way already. This post is aimed for dancers who want to develop a designated dance blog feed.

Choosing What to Share

Before you can share, you will need to choose what you want to be sharing. Some dancers share choreography videos on YouTube and Instagram, and others write about their experiences with blogs like this one. It’s likely that since you are reading this post, you’ve already got something you want to share. I recommend starting there.

You need not stick to one topic either. Every dancer has a unique perspective, so don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others. Here is a list of topics many dancers post about that you can take and make your own:

  • Share a teaser of new choreography.
  • Participate in a dance challenge
  • Provide tips from your home practice.
  • Review an online dance class
  • Do you do more than one style of dance? Consider posting a side by side of different styles to the same music.
  • Show off your dance fashion and accessories

Where is your Audience?

Once you’ve chosen what you will share, you get to pick where you would like to share it. I already mentioned using YouTube or Personal Blog, (like this one). You can also find dance communities on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Each platform has its own unique community to interact with, but the key to getting started is choosing a place that works for your own creative process.

The Art of Creating Content

After choosing the how and where, it’s time to create! You can follow these simple guidelines as a starting point, but you may find new ways that work for you as you continue to create your archive.

Step 1-Plan your post

The first step to creating great dance content is to plan out your posts. You can start by creating a list of all the elements (images, post text, captions, music, etc.) that you will need to create for your post. These elements will often be coming from different recording or pre-recorded sources, so planning this beforehand can save you from feeling overwhelmed with media later. One tip for this step is to create a list of your media elements, and where they will be stored so that you can access them at posting time.

Step 2-Create your Elements

Spend some time in creation mode. Be indulgent and do as many takes as you desire. My suggestion is to think about your ideal aesthetic for everything, but don’t get so caught up on ideals that you never post anything for yourself. For example, my Instagram was started as a work-in-progress log for my dance practice. Many of the posts have no sound, or poor sound quality. Of course, the ideal post has great sound and image quality, but the value of posting isn’t always in perfection.

Step 3-Edit as Much as You Like

Once you’ve got your elements created, you get to put them all together! This step is going to differ for everyone, depending on what sort of media you are working with. My biggest advice for this step is to know when to call it good enough. Continuously as yourself what your goal is for your post, and don’t get caught up on perfection. A behind the scenes is just as valuable as a production, and you may find that your audience prefers a rough cut.

Step 4-Post your Dance

You’ve got your edited post, and possibly even a caption in your notes. It’s time to go for it! Open your platform of choice and get ready to show yourself to the dance world. You may want to review the posting procedures and community guidelines for each platform your post on (this is especially important if you’ve got children in your post).

Step 5-Share Yourself

Just because you created your dance content for one platform doesn’t mean you can’t share it to others! Cross posting your media allows you to reach potential audiences far beyond a physical studio or stage. It’s usually as simple as copying and pasting a link, but many platforms allow you to login simultaneously and share to multiple platforms at once. I recommend playing around with these sharing settings yourself, until you find a way you like to do it.

So, are you ready to get yourself out there? Let’s create an online archive of dance experience together!

If these posts are helpful to you, consider supporting me so that I can continue to create and take classes from other amazing dancers. Thank you!

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