DANCING AT HOME? Try these Tips to Level up your Home Dance Space!

With many public dance spaces closing, many of us dancers will be shifting to home practice. While you may not be able to design your dream dance space right now, there are some essential elements to consider before going full-out with your home dance training. Even if you don’t have an ideal space for dancing, you can still find many inexpensive ways to enhance your home dance practice. Read on for more ideas on how to work with what you’ve got.

How to find Space to Dance in At Home

Find Yourself a Full Range of Motion

First and foremost, you need space to move in! This is unfortunately one of the hardest things to come by depending on your living arrangement and practicing in too confined of a space can have a negative impact on your range of motion. A garage space or lawn can be great alternatives if you don’t have enough room indoors.

What to Do for An in Home Dance Floor

Make Sure You Have A Solid Foundation

Floors are one of the most important things for dancers to pay mind to. Unfortunately, most homes were not built with dance training in mind, and I would especially recommend against practicing on tile or concrete for prolonged periods. Fortunately, there are many options on the internet for portable dance flooring that can be used in small spaces. I have had much success in the past with an area rug in a garage space.


Come And Meet me at the Barre

You can make a simple DIY Barre from Pipes

One of the greatest things you will ever bring into your home dance space is a solid barre. There are many portable options available online, or you can also make your own. I made my own glow-in-the-dark galaxy barre using this design from the Ballerinas By Night blog. Both of those options can be pricey, but there are also many household hacks that work too. I won’t be the first to tell you about how great the kitchen counter barre is.

Mirrors and Reflections

A mirror is essential for ensuring proper positions and alignment in dance.

Mirrors are essential for checking your alignment and body positions while dancing. Ideally, your mirror will be full length, but you may also find that multiple smaller mirrors at different angles work better for your space. I have also used my phone camera as a last resort when I’ve lived in apartments with no mirrors.

Set Up A Sound Station!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Put Your Device on the Floor When You Dance!

Every dancer has their own preference on how to set up their music and media. My biggest recommendation is that whatever you use, make sure you’ve got a designated raised up space that keeps your devices off the dance floor. I have a tiered shelf that I like to use, because I can keep my sound station on top, and organize some extra accessories so I have more floor space to use.

Designing and building your own dance space is one of the greatest investments you can make as a dancer. You are giving yourself a consistent space to level up your training potential regardless of what the future may bring.

Want to see my basic dance room set-up? Watch this video!

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